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Make Your Own Vegan Ice Cream!

Meet Froconut®—the creamy coconut vegan ice cream base from Mami’s Gelato. With Froconut®, you can churn your own dairy free ice cream in-house. Froconut® is powdered, shelf-stable, and easy to use—just add water!

Use Froconut® in your batch freezer, soft serve machine, or custard machine to create endless varieties of dairy free ice cream that will ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS!

ALL of our products are 100% vegan, gluten free, soy free, and lactose free.


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Froconut Batch Freezer Mixes

Froconut® is the world’s best vegan ice cream mix, used by hundreds of ice cream shops worldwide.

Make your own vegan and dairy-free ice cream, gelato, or custard using the equipment you already own. With Froconut® vegan ice cream mixes, it’s easy—just add water!

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Froconut Soft Serve Mixes

Whip up a batch of creamy & delicious Froconut® vegan soft serve, and make your dairy-free customers smile 🙂

Froconut® is the perfect vegan soft serve mix, available in 3 crowd-pleasing flavors. Just add water!


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