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Your Sweet Vegan Solution!

Do you want a quick and easy way to make vegan ice cream, non-dairy soft serve, and vegan lattes? Then you’ve come to the right place! Mami’s Foods produces easy-to-use powdered mixes for vegan gelato (dairy-free ice cream), dairy-free soft serve, vegan lattes, vegan drinking chocolate, and vegan bubble tea. ALL of our products are 100% vegan and easy to make.

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Vegan Gelato (Vegan Ice Cream) Mixes for Batch Freezers

Now it’s easy to make your own vegan gelato, aka “vegan ice cream” or “dairy-free ice cream” using the equipment you already own! Just add water to our dry mix and blend, then follow our recipes to make a variety of fantastic flavors.

Mami’s vegan gelato mixes work in all commercial batch freezers and ice cream machines, including Emery Thompson, Taylor, Electro Freeze and more.

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Froconut™ Vegan Soft Serve Mixes

Try our new instant Froconut™ vegan soft serve mixes—just add water and whisk! Now it’s easier than ever to attract new customers with creamy, tasty non-dairy soft serve. Choose from a variety of flavors. All natural ingredients, made with real coconut milk.

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Sippablz™ Hot Drink Mixes

Whip up decadent and delicious vegan lattes and vegan hot chocolate with our easy-to-use Sippablz™ mixes. Simply add hot water to the powdered mixes and stir!

Your trend-conscious customers will love our best-selling matcha (green tea) vegan latte mix.

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