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Why Vegan?

Mami’s Foods believes that by creating decadent desserts without the use of animal products, we can make the world a sweeter place. Whether your choice is ethical or health-motivated, you’ll find something you love with Mami’s. One taste and you’ll be a believer, too!

Meet Mami!

It all started with gelato. From the first time she tried it in Italy, Mami (aka Naomi Posner, owner of Mami’s Foods) knew she had found a lifelong love. When Mami stopped eating dairy she discovered that most ice cream and gelato shops did not offer vegan options. She decided to matters into her own hands and develop mixes and recipes to make it easy for shops to offer easy-to-prepare vegan options that would satisfy customers.

Not content to create just one amazing vegan dessert, she set out to devise dairy-free delights of all sorts. Under her direction, Mami’s Foods represents the forefront of vegan dessert innovation

Our Mission Statement

Mami’s Foods exists for a simple purpose: to make the world a sweeter place by producing the best vegan desserts ever!