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Froconut Ice Cream and Gelato!

More consumers are demanding dairy free and vegan ice cream options. Now you can meet and exceed their expectations with our original Froconut® gelato mix.

Make your own Froconut ice cream or gelato. Just add water, flavor and blend! We will provide you with starting point recipes for a variety of delicious flavors. 

  • Choice of Original Coconut or Chocolate Coconut mixes.

  • 50 lb case yields 18 gallons liquid mix. Powder is shelf stable, with 1 year shelf life.

  • Use in any batch freezer, custard freezer, or soft serve machine—starting point recipes available.

Watch these videos of our VP of Sales, Nate O’Donnell, making vegan gelato (aka “dairy-free ice cream”) with Steve Thompson, owner of the legendary batch freezer company Emery Thompson:

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