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Vegan Gelato Mixes (Vegan Ice Cream Mixes)

Are you looking for any easy way to make vegan ice cream or vegan gelato in your batch freezer? Do you want the flexibility to create endless vegan flavor variations? Mami’s Gelato makes it simple with our Vegan Gelato Mixes—just add water and blend!

More and more customers are demanding dairy-free and vegan options. Now you can meet—and exceed—their expectations with the best dairy-free & vegan ice cream mix on the market! Contact us now to get started. 

  • Make your own Vegan Gelato (Vegan Ice Cream) with creamy texture and a refreshing, natural coconut taste

  • Choice of Original Coconut or Chocolate Coconut mixes

  • Mixes are powdered and shelf stable

  • Each 50 lb case yields 18 gallons liquid mix

  • 1 year shelf life & convenient resealable bags

  • Use in any batch freezer, custard freezer, or soft serve machine

  • Serve your vegan ice cream / vegan gelato from the same dipping cabinet you’re already using! Ideal scooping temperature 5-10 F

  • Start with our recipes—or create your own—to make endless delicious vegan flavor variations!

  • Contact us for pricing information and detailed specifications

Want to see the mixes in action? Watch these videos of our VP of Sales, Nate O’Donnell, making vegan gelato (aka “dairy-free ice cream”) with Steve Thompson, owner of the legendary batch freezer company Emery Thompson:

Making Coffee Flavor Vegan Ice Cream

Making Cookies and Cream Vegan Ice Cream

Making German Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream

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